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I attended Central Saint Martin’s Art College on a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art Painting) Degree, where I studied traditional drawing and painting methods; while developing an understanding for contemporary themes and storytelling in my work. During Art school I worked as an Assistant to London artist Tina McCallan for a project at Glastonbury Festival 2005. The project, entitled ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’ was an acrylic on panel remake of a Bosch masterpiece. The panel was divided into squares and members of the public were invited to paint one each, with reference material to the original painting.

In 2006 I received a £5000 painting commission for Swedish footballer Fredrik Ljungberg. The Ex- Arsenal and Sweden international player commissioned me to make the painting for his home in Sweden. The brief was the figure of Christ in a Gothic-influenced style. It gave me the chance to find my own take on religious painting, done by the great old masters such as Caravaggio and El Greco; who had influenced my work for so long.

In subsequent years I have made the switch to digital painting and have acquired Confident digital painting skills in ADOBE PHOTOSHOP, as well as knowledge in MAYA, ZBRUSH and VUE for 3D model work. I have gained a lot of understanding about the making process in visually designing ideas effectively and efficiently. I have also developed a strong painting theory knowledge including an understanding of perspective, colour and composition; within matte painting and character concept art.

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