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Los Angeles, CA

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I've always had a very profound and deep imagination. My first dreams were to become a writer and crafts stories that would take people into another world. However as I grew older I began to realize the power and influence that movies can have because as they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words." At 24 frames a second, that's a whole lot of words being conveyed.

My primary love is directing. I thoroughly enjoy being able to construct the overall creative vision of the piece. Working with the talent, helping them nail their lines, and conveying what's in my head onto the camera is an important and amazing job. I also take pleasure being an editor, which I believe is really the second director. I'm skilled at what I do, but still have a lot to learn, I hope to continue to hone my craft and become one of the greatest movie makers who ever lived. Though just getting a job I enjoy would still be enough for me.


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