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Melbourne, VIC

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Ryan Gaskett is an emerging documentary filmmaker from Melbourne, Australia, who works under his company name ‘Ava Grace Productions’.
Having a passion for filmmaking and story telling from a very young age, Ryan has always been inspired and driven to create meaningful stories that move people.

Creating his first documentary back in 2006 for Yering Station, of the Rathbone Wine Group, Ryan got the bug for film making, and has been productive ever since. Working as an editor and camera operator for many public television productions, commercials, and music videos, Ryan has also produced works for clients such as the Health Services Union, Inpress Magazine, and Chrysler.

Ryan studied Film and Television Production at JMC Academy in Melbourne, and also has an Advanced Diploma in Sound Production and Audio Visual Technology.

Ryan currently lives in Melbourne with his wife Ellen and their three children, Ava, William, and Lucy.