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My creative journey began when I was only five years old and dressed in a red velvet suit jacket with matching velvet shorts; the outfit was more than appropriate because my parents were taking me to see Michael Jackson live in concert. Being very young, I cannot recall much from that evening, but one thing I remember vividly is sitting glued to my seat, watching in amazement as Michael performed & thinking, "Wow, this is so cool! This is what I want to do!" Although I have often credited Michael, that night & his inspiring music as the magic spark that ignited my life long passion for music and the arts, I have come to realize that I have truly been blessed with the gift of talent for all things creative, and posses an innate ability for creative endeavors of all kinds. Who knows, without that experience, my parents taking me to see Michael at that impressionable age, I might be living a completely different life right now. I might have missed my calling in life, so I feel extremely lucky & tremendously thankful, especially to my parents, for all I have been given and indebted to Michael Jackson for his electric inspiration.

Ryan James is a New York based musician/artist & Berklee College of Music graduated who creates original music & dabbles in a wide variety of other art forms. Ryan’s melodically infectious pop music is created entirely by him with his own production company Myth & Mayhem Productions. He is one of those rare singer/songwriters who writes, sings, plays, produces, mixes & masters all of his own music. Ryan James executes every aspect of the recording & production process himself; he is truly an authentic ‘solo artist’. When he’s not working on a plethora of other non-music related projects he is meticulously working on songs for his long overdue debut album, & is always networking within the New York community to promote each variation of his artistic outlets. on.fb.me/RyanJamesMusic

Ryan is a rare 'renaissance man’ who is proficient in a wide array of creative endeavors outside the music realm. Besides his original pop music, Ryan also works as a photographer, with advanced skills in photo editing & retouching, a as graphic designer, specializing in flyers for musicians, special promotional material for small businesses & informational brochures for various large companies with large product lines. on.fb.me/RyanJames_Photography Recently, Ryan began working in the film & television industry as a sound designer/engineer & is now utilizing his extremely discerning ears, plus years of experience as a music producer, to mix & master each project like no other. Ryan is proud to announce his involvement in an upcoming independent film entitled, 'STL'. ‘STL’ was written, produced & directed by Magda Rycko for MagMar Productions, & Ryan was hired as a sound engineer to edit, repair, remix, re-master & completely overhaul the sound of the film. ‘STL’ is soon to be released to the public & will be submitted to various independent film festivals. bit.ly/STL-tralier

In the past, Ryan has collaborated with an array of musicians on their music, producing, co-writing, & singing/arranging backup vocals on their albums. Some of these talented artists include: Adam Shenk, Jonathan Luke, Brendan Velasquez, Yvette Rovira, Annie Clements (bass player for Sugarland) & international dance-music icon Ernest Kohl. In addition to many other planned collaborations, Ryan is delighted to announce that he will be teaming up with Jonathan Luke, once again, to produce a new song for him. Jonathan Luke’s original dance hit single ‘Joy Toy’, was just nominated for a 2011 ‘best dance song’ Out Music Award. The awards will be held here in NYC next month & we are hoping he wins. You can hear some of the music I’ve produced for him either on my ReverbNation band page or my Facebook page. Please stay tuned for more news & other exciting Ryan James projects, & once again, thank you so much for VIEW-ing LISTEN-ing COMMENT-ing & LIKE-ing! It means the world to me! Thank you!

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