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Downtown, Phoenix, AZ

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I Currently Play Drumset & Create Music As:

Born: January 9, 1977, Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.
Genres: Fusion, Rock, Alternative, Instrumental, Minimalist, Electronic, Funk, Trip-Hop
Instruments: Drums, Cymbals, Percussion, Synthesizers
Occupations: Musician, Drummer, Producer
Years active: 1987-present; Lives in Downtown, Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.

Website: soundcloud.com/ryan-newberry
Email: ryan_newberry@yahoo.com

Previous most recent shows are:
Ital Plate Posse with DJ Smite and Tony Culture at Club Congress in Tucson Arizona 2015
Sir Smeezy/ Ryan Newberry on Drums 2014 at Mia's Lounge in Flagstaff Arizona
Sonic Symposium of Beat Extirpation 2014 at The Lost Leaf with Sir Smeezy and Tato Caraveo
Against The Fence 2014 at A bloom salon with DeeJay Smite and Abe-z Ram-z Rezidual
Fifth Street Beat! 2013 at The Lost Leaf with Djentrification
Arizona State Fair 2012 at Arizona Lottery Backyard South Stage [prior to the Jane's Addiction show]
Art Detour 2012 at Oaxaca with B.Castañeda
Civic Space Jam 2012 at Civic Space Park with Djentrification

Previous most recent works are:
Fine-Ass Committee [Ryan Newberry & Ted Ransom]
Imperial Wig Masters [Ryan Newberry & Ronald Haas]
Veterans Affairs [V A]
Empire of the Sun Crew [E. O. T. S.]

I used to play drums for ISM, the Mothership of Funked Out Soul's [M.O.F.O.'S.], Submersible Unit [Sub Unit], Three Anchients & the Gamorahn Orchestra [3 A.G.O.], Professor Yuckmouth & the Sisters of Intervention, Shortbus [Dominic Lalli], Wet Beaver Project [W.B.P.], 3 Piece & A Biscuit, Dead Beats, Polyfusia, Mama Said, Dr. SatinSheets, Poo-Dog Night, Madison #1 Concert Band '87-'91; North High School Marching Band, Concert Band, Jazz Band '91-'95; Northern Arizona University Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Combo '95-'02; The Wall [Halloween 1999], Monday Night Jazz, The Niftycals, Fry Nun & Serious F***in' Drag Racers!
Drum lessons with Brett Fredrickson from '92-'95; Graduated from Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ, '02 (Business and Music)


(DRUMS): 1983 Rogers 'Big R' Londoner 5 (Silver).
8"x12" Tom
9"x13" Tom
16"x16" Floor Tom
14"x22" Bass Drum

Pearl Snare Drums (Natural).
14"x5" Free-Floating 6-Ply Maple
10"x6" Popcorn 6-Ply Maple

(CYMBALS): Zildjian.
14" "A" Hi-Hats from early 80's
19" "K" Dark Crash Thin
10" "K" Splash
14" "ZXT" Trashformer
20" "FX" Oriental Crash of Doom
20" "K" Pre-Aged Dry Light Ride
7" LP Ice Bell

American Classic Extreme 5A,
American Custom T1 General

(HEADS): Remo.
Toms: Coated Emperors on tops,
Clear Ambassadors on bottoms
Snares: Coated Emperors on tops,
Clear Ambassador 3 mil Snare Side Heads on bottoms
Bass Drum: Coated Powerstroke 4 with Falam Patch on batter side,
Ebony Powerstroke 3 with 5" Black Dynamo on resonant side

(HARDWARE): Pearl.
Drum Pedal (P-2000B)
Hi-Hat Stand (H-1000K)
Snare Stand (S-2000)
Cymbal Stand (C-1000)
Cymbal Holder (CH-1000)
Drum Throne (D-1000N)

Rogers (Memriloc).
2 Tripod-Base Cymbal Stands,
Dual Tom Holder, customized with
Pearl TH88S Gear Tilter Short Post &
Pearl IS1216SL ISS Mount on 12" Tom
LP Cymbal Holder
LP Claw

CX-111 Overheads

Beta 57A on Snare Drum with A56D Drum Mount,
Beta 52A on Bass Drum

(ELECTRONICS): MacBook, Behringer Xenyx 1202 FX, M-Audio FastTrack Pro, Monster Cable

(CASES): Humes & Berg Mfg. Co., Inc.