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Detroit/Ann Arbor

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Motion. Editor. Nice Guy

Hailing from Detroit, I’m a creative cutter and collaborator. I enjoy creating a multitude of media, which includes animation, illustration, video editing and cell animations. I've traveled the globe twice and had to shoot and edit most of it. If you are into TV at all I have content airing on The Disney Channel and ESPN International, I use some social media and I document process for everything.

Current: Director of Motion @ Water Hill Creative
2015 Freelance Motion Graphics @ Campbell Ewald
2015: Freelance Motion Graphics @ Team Detroit
2015: Freelance Motion Graphics/Video Editor @ The Whole Brain Group
2015: Freelance Motion Graphics @ Sovereign Digital Group
2015: Freelance Motion Graphics/Video Editor @ MVP Collaborative
2015: Freelance Motion Graphics/Video Editor @ Human Element Solutions
2015: Freelance Motion Graphics @ Vitamin T
2015: Freelance Motion Graphics/Video Editor @ DP Creative Group
2014: Freelance Motion Graphics Designer @ Imagination
2014: Video Editor/Motion Graphics Designer @ MXM Health
2012 - 2014: Broadcast Editor/Motion Graphics Designer @ The Walt Disney Company
2013: Freelance Motion Designer @ Hello Innovation
2013: Freelance Motion Designer @ Digital Image Studios
2010 - 2012: Traveling Editor/Motion Graphics Designer @ Royal Caribbean International


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