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  1. Sarah Moyer
  2. anonymous bodies || art collect

    anonymous bodies || art collect PRO Philadelphia, PA


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    anonymous bodies is an interdisciplinary performance company co-directed by Kate Watson-Wallace and Jaamil Olawale Kosoko that creates movement installations for galleries, site based locations, and proscenium stage venues. They draw upon the traditions of visual art, post-modern dance, site-specific…

  3. bart hess

    bart hess Plus eindhoven


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    Bart Hess (1984) explores several fields combining material studies, animation and photography. Bart has a very personal and recognizable signature. With his designs he is able to use new and existing materials in a very innovative way and he seems to tap into new worlds. His work is of international…

  4. Lady. Bang. Beat.

    Lady. Bang. Beat. Philadelphia


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    Lady. Bang. Beat. is a blog that features talented women musician every day!

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