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I am an Airsofter, I strive to be a cinematographer and I love Photography!

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  • Homepage - My own website, built by me.
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  • YouTube - YouTube is my other uploading platform, what goes on Vimeo, also goes onto YouTube!
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  1. Rob Whitworth
  2. sam reynard
  3. Paperback Pictures
  4. Sebastian Sarraute

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  1. Saborknight commented on Bikimi
    New Glidecam?
  2. Saborknight commented on Opinel
    Very nice, very positive, tres bien, monsieur!
  3. ... You have successfully killed my Brain. My creative heart will now thrive and take inspiration from this and your other videos all thanks to you Christophe (DaBrainkilla). Wow. Amazing. C'est magnifique.