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Saeed Khoze is an international writer, director and producer. His award winning films include international stars of world cinema such as Academy Award nominee and Emmy winner Shohreh Aghdashloo, Anthony Quinn, Behrouz Vossoughi and Monica Bellucci.

He began his career as a child in Iranian (Persian) theatre where his love for performance blossomed on stage when he participated in school plays and local festivals. He subsequently worked as a freelance journalist for the Iranian cinema magazine "Soroush Seda va Sima", which helped cultivate his understanding of the film industry.

Saeed joined the Iranian Youth Film Society at a young age and in 1999 he took on an ambitious original film project that he wrote and directed titled "Forgotten Hurricane", based on the story of the tough life of illegal Afghan musician immigrants in Iran.

After his first feature movie he became a consultant for the Iranian Writers Association (Anjoman Ghalam Iran) where he produced more than sixty science shows for the national television station "Iran Seda Va Sima" and simultaneously freelanced at one of the major Iranian Radio stations "Radio Payam/ Hodhod".

Saeed has also written seven books of poetry and linguistics, three of which were published by "Sokhan Gostar" publishing. This stemmed from his early fascination with classical literature from around the world. His interest in Iranian poets, and European linguistics continued to influence his filmmaking writing and style.

Saeed's second feature film, "Keep the Flight in Mind", is a historical documentary based on the life of "Behrouz Vossoughi", a legendary Iranian actor and honoree of the 2000 best directorial "Kurasava" award at the 44th San Francisco International Film Festival. This movie starred Anthony Quinn, Monica Bellucci alongside political figures from around the world.

His third feature length film "Virginity" was made for women of Muslim faith who have become the sacrificial lambs of "Honor killings". "Virginity" was one of the most controversial Iranian films in the history of Iranian cinema and was pretested by the Iranian government. This movie has been received dozens of awards and nominations in numerous film festivals around the world.

"Damn Foreigners" is Saeed Khoze's fourth feature film based on the true story of the discrimination that an American citizen of Iranian decent experiences as he struggles with an American justice system. "Damn Foreigners" questions and criticizes prejudice elements within the police and justice system of the United States.

Saeed's filmmaking resume includes several features and dozens of short films filmed around Europe, Asia, United States and the Middle East, most of which have a heavy focus on human rights, social Issues and controversial subjects.

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