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Safe Creative is the first independent on-line world wide copyright registry, free to use, open to all and globally accessible. The service allows creators and rightholders to register their works and obtain a valid proof suitable to be used on trial, by means of a certificate of registry digitally signed. As a difference between Safe Creative and other registries, works may be registered indicating the rights concerning them, supporting the most common licenses rights of their choice.
It also allows users to easily and intuitively manage the rights of their works taking advantage of it’s semantic possibilities.
It is global and open because it can be used by any creator, from any country and for any type of work: literary , artistic or scientific works, as texts, images, 3-D objects, audio, video, software, etc.
It is independent from the various models of license rights available to creators for the protection or sharing of their works: traditional copyright, Creative Commons, GPL, etc.
Free: it is a service which is free for users.

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