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The SafePoint Trust is the first and only organisation in the world that’s dedicated to eradicating the main cause of this frighteningly widespread slaughter of the innocents: ignorance.

SafePoint was set up as a charitable trust to save these needlessly wasted lives. Its goal is ambitious: to tell every child in the developing world how they can protect themselves from harm and ensure their own health.

This can only be achieved by winning hearts and minds at every level. Using clear, simple messages to counter ignorance and misinformation, SafePoint informs those most at risk through existing community networks by giving grass roots educators and healthcare professionals the tools to communicate basic health information where it’s most needed – the parents and children in local communities.

At the same time, SafePoint activists are constantly lobbying political decision-makers to outlaw the re-use of needles and promote awareness of its dangers through changes in national and regional public health policy.

Thanks to SafePoint’s work, injection safety is now high on the healthcare agenda in many countries as a basic building block of development; policy-makers in the developing world are realizing that without injection safety, other educational, agricultural and economic programmes are inevitably being compromised by the social and financial impact of coping with unnecessary disease and premature death.

Along with local NGO partners and the World Health Organisation, SafePoint is supported by private individuals and companies with the vision to realise that despite its vast scale, this hitherto neglected problem can be resolved. All it takes is the will.

Already, SafePoint has spread the word about injection safety to millions of children. But until an entire global generation has got the message, there’s still work to be done….

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