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Sagafilm is the leading independent production company in Iceland with over 35 years of experience. And as such the leader in professional production for Television, Commercials and Feature Films.

Sagafilm produces an amazing assortment of formats every year: scripted and non-scripted TV series, live broadcasts, documentaries and motion pictures. Our long and diverse experience of filmmaking, respect for every project, easy communication and joie de vivre make Sagafilm a natural choice when choosing a partner in Iceland.

Sagafilm has produced many TV series that have won Icelandic Academy awards for example The shift series, The Press I, II, III, The Court I, II, Astridur I, II, The Girls I, II, III, IIII, Black Angels, the documentary The Face Of The North and movies such as Bjarnfredarsson, Cold Trail and Co-producers of Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead. Sagafilm produces a number of foreign formats every year for example X-Factor, Idol, Wipeout, MasterChef, Moneydrop and The Biggest Loser. When also producing our own formats such as Design for.. , Dance, Dance, Dance. and the Icelandic Talent Show!

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