56 Sage Street - The Game


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Are you ready to play 56 Sage Street the game? Have a sneak peak of the game play with our video teaser trailer. You can play 56 Sage Street by visiting 56sagestreet.co.uk

56 Sage Street - The Game

A teenager is given one chance to make it in the city.

Two weeks ago a fresh-faced kid arrived in the city with £4 and a headful of dreams. What they found was a tough, uncompromising place and one night a wrong turn took them into trouble. The dream of making it looked like it was over. But someone had seen what had happened. His name is Mr C. the self-made, millionaire owner of the 56 Sage Street Empire. With only weeks to live, he's searching for a successor. If our hero can prove their worth to him, their dream of making it might just become a reality.

How to play

56 Sage Street is a point and click game set in a vast city, where you're free to
explore and click on hundreds of destinations. With each click you'll find work,
places to stay, new challenges and contacts to help you make it. If you can avoid temptation and make the right decisions, life will get better and you'll move up through the city. If you reach 56 Sage Street you'll have proven yourself to Mr C and he'll give you his empire to run. You'll have made it. Good luck!

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