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SALLY PEARCE graduated from the National Film and TV School, UK, with an Animation Direction MA. After leaving Cambridge University with a BA (Hons) Philosophy, she trained as a nurse and worked as a geriatric and orthopaedic nurse in the NHS and private sectors. She started making films whilst taking a part time Fine Art Course at Sheffield Hallam University, where she financed her first films by competing successfully for a series of bursaries and awards. Her work includes dance film and artists film, music video and logo, as well as live action, animated and mixed media fiction film and documentary

Her NFTS graduation film, ‘Elephants’, an adventurous children’s fiction mixing live action with traditional paint on glass animation and 2D digital compositing, screened at over 70 Festivals and won the Welsh Short Film BAFTA and over twenty other Awards around the World. It was also selected for the showreel of British Shorts presented by UK Film Council at Cannes, 2009 and was presented by the British Council at Anim’est Festival, Bucharest as part of a showreel of outstanding British Animation and was shortlisted for the British Animation Awards and screened in May 2011 in support of Bunuel’s L’age d’or at BFI Southbank.

She is currently developing a live action/animation hybrid Documentary about wild-life in Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone, for which she was awarded a Welsh Arts Council grant for research and travel to Ukraine in 2009. Since her first visit to Chernobyl she has established links with radio-ecologists around the World. She is now developing this Project with Oscar winning Producers Breakthru Films, with development funding from the Wellcome Trust, for a return trip to Chernobyl this Autumn. Her work with live action, mixed media and animation since leaving the NFTS includes a period drama film commission from an Award Winning script, animated logos, a music video and a short mixed media UK Film Council and Welsh Arts Council funded film ‘Hally’, which premiered at Chicago International Children’s Film Festival in October, 2011, and was awarded 2nd place in the Adult Section Live Action Short Film, an Academy Award qualifying competition. Most of her recent work has been with child actors or/and aimed at children and youth. As well as a writer and director of live action and animation, she is also a specialist in 2D animation and mixed media and skilled in After Effects.

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    Very lovely British Film!II'm happy to found this great storytelling!Real English Humour!