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Founder of Fair Fight Films... a film and television production company dedicated to creating complex, layered stories about women as hero's and anti heroes as well as promoting the visibility of women in front of and behind the camera. Projects include "Out of the Frying Pan" a scripted/reality hybrid TV show, "The Blaire Wedding Project" - An award winning PSA about marriage equality and "In Memory of Me" - a film that sold to MTV's Logo Network. I've also worked on over 30 films and TV shows as a DGA assistant director.

Please check out my website and find out about my new film "7 on 10" at

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  • Fair Fight Films - Fair Fight Films Production Company webstie
  • 7 on 10 film website - Feature film about a woman in prison for a crime she can't remember whose survival depends on an ex drug dealer and a basketball game.


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