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Samantha Rayn Bachman - A Woman of Purpose and Passion

Samantha Bachman is a woman of many qualifications, talents and skills. She has a Ph.D. in Metaphysics, has had over 30 years experience in the medical and healthcare industry and is qualified in many areas of Orthodox, Orthopathic, Naturopathic & Bio-Energetic Medicine. She is a well renowned global speaker, radio personality, published author, TV host, lifestyle coach, and entrepreneur as well a being a very suave comedienne.

With many years of looking at live blood and tissue samples under a microscope, study into Epigenetics, Bio-Energetics and the bodies innate intelligence, along with her work with a brilliant neurologist and neurosurgeon, doctor Melinda Pascoe, Samantha has developed a great understanding of the dis-eases and imbalances of the human nervous system and body as a whole. She understands well how our inner environment behaves, especially when it is presented with challenges such as food and environmental toxins. However it is the body’s reaction to ‘THOUGHT CHEMICALS’ that has consumed Samantha in research for many decades. She understands well how our feelings and emotions affect our bodies functioning and how most are in Fight or Flight mode most of the day!

Samantha loves nothing better than to teach people how to eat well. She has her own YouTube cooking show based on almost all raw food presentation to ensure your foods are in there healthiest state. Samantha is a wealth of information when it comes to eating right and preventing diseases that are diet related. As Samantha says, " we are digging our graves with our teeth, it is time to take control of our mouth and our ego and become all we can". "We have death by knife and food at epidemic rates, nearly 80% of disease is caused by what we put in our body, time to get the facts and stop poisoning yourself with junk foods and ignorance"!

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