Sam Steele

Bolton, Greater Manchester

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Hi there! I'm an 19 year-old creative hoping to hit the big time (whatever that may be). I've had my work screened at festivals around the world, including the BFI Future Film Festival at London's Southbank, Sanford International Film Festival in Florida, and even at Glastonbury. I hope you enjoy watching these films as much as I enjoy making them!

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  • Girls Girls Girls - I'm the singer/guitarist/lyricist for this pop-rock three piece, based in and around Manchester.


  1. Callum Shaw
  2. Tony Zhou
  3. Adam Kavanagh
  4. Alan McLaughlin
  5. Caleb Pike
  6. Will Herbert
  7. Matt Spencer
  8. Jorge Walsh
  9. Melody Angelica Taylor
  10. John Grey
  11. Mat Johns

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