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My name is Samer Abou-Zaki, I am a graduate of The Art Institute of Seattle with a degree in the Associates of Applied Arts program for Video Production. I have been involved in the Video Production field for nearly 5 years now. My strongest skills are as a video/photo editor as well as a camera operator. I've worked with clients such as 106.1 KISS FM and KUBE 93.3FM (considered a top ten radio station nationally). I've filmed/edited video content for their events, backstage/exclusive interviews, and various promotional work. These videos have accumulated hundreds of thousands of views online. I've also collaborated with both radio stations in building a series of Haunted House commercials that have been televised state wide for three years running. Working in the media industry along with going out to various types of restaurants has become my work, hobbies and lifestyle in a nutt shell.

My first experience in the industry was with the company I had interned for, then later contracted with, Lustre Communications, a post production house in Seattle, WA. From commercial work to internal presentation videos, I've created media for companies such as Alaska Airlines, T-mobile, Ford, and Wong Doody while contracting with Non-Profit Organizations on the side. The Hartman Group is another company I've worked with. I was able to create presentational videos which study consumer trends and behaviors in the US. They have been consistently used specifically for internal use. Currently I am in my second year contracting for Microsoft Game Studios in Redmond, WA. I film/edit trailers, presentations, and interviews for XBOX360, Windows Mobile, and Kinect titles. In the next 5 years, my goal is to get into the Music Video production aspect of the industry as well as Documentary style videos. As soon as I find the success I envision, I will look to advance to the film industry.

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