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Sam is an aspiring wildlife camera assistant based in Bristol, U.K. and currently works for Ammonite Films. He has gained experience alongside cameramen including Martin Dohrn, Gordon Buchanan, Praveen Singh and Jaz Castleton. He has experience on the Sony F5/F55and RED ONE as well as most ‘making of’ style camcorders and also specialist cameras including starlight, thermal and remote cameras and camera traps.

He is well versed with DIT skills and advanced noise reduction and is proficient on the Adobe Creative Suite as well as FCP 7. Well travelled and used to roughing it, Sam has worked in a variety of habitats from wintery Scotland to Indian dry-forest and tropical rainforest and has most of his own field gear and vaccinations. He also has a range of his own camera equipment including a stills kit with selection of lenses, radio mics and homemade kit; he is currently developing his own multi-purpose modular timelapse and real-time 3-axis motion control kit, for use with his own homemade track, dolly, jib and cable cam.

Other skills include basic electronics and car mechanics, diving and rope access (currently unqualified). Sam is particularly interested in cinematic/blue-chip and educational/scientific wildlife films, which inspire people to take an interest in and better care of the natural world.

His current experience includes DSLR and Panasonic P2 camcorders, and is proficient in long lens, macro and timelapse (for which he has his own kit). Sam is a qualified diver (PADI) and has filmed underwater for Operation Wallacea (the footage from which was used on Honduran TV), as well in the forest canopy where he filmed their operations for Canopy Access LTD. He is confident using the Adobe Creative Suite, particularly Premiere Pro which he uses to edit his films. In his spare time Sam enjoys mountaineering, canoeing and pretty much everything else outdoors!

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