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SAMIA FARAH is a French Tunisian singer/ song-writer, producer and designer who grew up in France.
Her Father, a slightly eccentric human being introduced her to music, movies and art.She started in a reggae band named " Mama Benz" strictly girls in 1991 .
In 1999 Samia released an album for Sony France where she sings, plays Melodica and co-composed the whole album with Giovanny Delahunda( Aka Giovanny Adrien) a talented producer and composer.

She was in this time very fond of jazz and wanted to work with jazz musicians,
Andre Ceccarelli and Laurent de wilde are featured on this first highly acclaimed recording.
She also invited the UK mixer and producer Adrian Sherwood to mix a few tracks.

Samia worked with musicians from many different backgrounds
such as Richard Dorfmeister(Austria) "Heidi Bruhel", Adrian Sherwood(U.K.) on his album "Becoming a Cliche" with her song "J'ai Change"... ( she also designed the record sleeve for this album.)

Samia has also done a duet with Lee Perry(Jamaica) "yellow tongue"
on his new album "The mighty Upsetter".(a remix by Kode 9 has also been done of this song)

and Brasilian sound system Moa Ambessa.
She has also recently done a track for Dj center (Brooklyn U.S.)"Tout passe".with a remix by dj Wajeed

Samias second album "The Many Moods Of..." has just been released (2009),it features 16 new tracks ... The sleeve for the album was made with collage references to Sophie Tauber-Arp. Samia studied Digital Media and design at the London College of Art . She now lives in London ,and is preparing an Arabic dub album produced and composed by herself and Many other things as Travel DUMB image video editing. She is since few years now films her travels around the world and concerts as
(The slitsUK,Lee PerryUK,Puppetshow in Viet Nam,the French Sociologist A.Soral,Denis Bovel and the great Jamaican Poetesse JEAN BINTA BREEZE...)
She also records Audio Dubs in Collography, collision of audio foetus
for non pregnant womEn the project is at its embryonic state.

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