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We are storytelling reformers, insurgents against bland videos. Too often, messaging points are forced into video form, whereas we rebel against this tendency and instead craft thoughtful narratives. We tell stories through corporate spots, fiction narratives, commercials and art projects. With over ten years of experience, our work has shown on broadcast television, online, in art galleries and at film festivals across the world.

Like nomadic narrators of the past, we follow stories to where their point of view is best explored. We've worked in Ghana, China, Cambodia, India, United Kingdom, the Arctic Circle in Canada, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and across the United States. Current and past clients include Virgin Mobile, GE, Architecture Foundation, City of London, IMAX, AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, NBC Universal, Deitch Gallery, and Citibank.

Reformer Films is founded by Samir R. Patel and uses a talented network of filmmakers, cinematographers, editors and animators who all share a passion for telling stories.

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