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I am professional freelance photographer and designer based on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. Specialising in working for commercial and editorial clientele.

Photography to me is about telling a story from both sides of the lens. It’s about capturing the essence of the moment and the emotions being felt. My ethos is to capture this in my work, whether I am photographing cycling, human nature or landscapes. If my work inspires people, then I am happy.

I also design and illustrate with an ethos in mind… Simplicity. My work is minimal, clean and bold. By not over complicating my designs and illustrations, I allow my work to be communicated to the target audience as intended, by both the client and myself.

I work closely with my clients throughout every design and photographic project I take on. Handling more than one aspect of a project is also important to me, from location scouting to marketing, it all helps the best possible product be achievable.


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