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Sam Small has been involved in business communication and product marketing since earning his BS in Speech Communication from Penn State in 1979.

At a time when television was almost exclusively done by the networks, local stations and advertising agencies (Betamax was just coming to market), Sam forged a career as an independent in non-broadcast TV using video to present complex messages in a palatable and interesting manner.

For years, freelancing in financial services marketing, Sam created “video prospectuses” for most of the major brokerage firms and insurance companies on products ranging from real estate investment trusts to thoroughbred racehorse syndicates. Major corporate image projects for The New York Times, AT&T, Sony and Parade Magazine allowed Sam to define a personal directing and editorial style that told densely-woven stories using real-person interviews mixed with natural sound, relying on little or no narration.

In 1996 a long standing client, the director of marketing at Fidelity Investments, moved to Prudential where he proposed using Sam’s particular documentary style for their new national television advertising, against the advice of Prudential’s advertising agency Bozel Eskew. The success of the campaign triggered the release of Bozel and brought Sam “inside” as Prudential’s Vice President of Broadcast Services. There he built and maintained a broadcast production facility, directing and editing nearly 300 national spots in 8 years, twice airing on the Superbowl. Sam’s storytelling contributed greatly to the success of one of the largest public offerings in the history of Wall Street when Prudential Financial went public in 2002.

In 2005 Sam said “Aloha” to Prudential and moved himself and his production company Small Wonder Video Services from the island of Manhattan to the island of Maui. Maui is proving to be a fertile environment and evolving with the medium Sam has launched a new on-line muisc video distribution channel, Stay Tuned!

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