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Seven times prize winning short film director and screen writer Sam Small has been an electrician, teacher, sound studio engineer, social worker, computer programmer - and a few other things besides. But somehow there was always a camera at hand.

"At first it was my father's box brownie camera. Then a cheap Zenith SLR from the former Soviet Union. When I went to college we used black and white reel to reel video tape machines. We shot a couple of super8 films too. It was all good experience."

With the advent of digital video in the mid 1990's Sam quickly realised that high quality video productions could be made at a fraction of the cost a decade before.

"I was amazed at the quality of digital video. It provided a clear pathway to anyone who wanted to film just about anything."

Sam is also a musician and songwriter which is useful in all film making projects.

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    Peaked? This is the Pindrop Plateau that goes on forever.
  2. Robin Reed commented on Farewell
    Love the old time folk feeling of this. It resonated beautifully.