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  1. Action Cinema

    by Samuel Läderach joined

    23 Videos / 5 Members

    For the group of people that just love action sequences. Please share your own action scenes, shorts-films, sequences, everything.

  2. CANON EOS 60D

    by Canon EOS 60D joined

    13.5K Videos / 4,119 Members

    Enjoy the videos captured with Canon EOS 60D. Also visit the Canon EOS 60D Channel at: www.vimeo.com/channels/Canon60D

  3. Magic Lantern User Group

    by a1ex joined

    6,949 Videos / 9,006 Members

    Magic Lantern is an open platform for developing enhancements to the amazing Canon digital SLRs. These cameras are "game changing" for independent film makers. www.magiclantern.fm

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