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  1. We see this from time to time with CMS services. First thing to check is to view source on your page and see if the widget code has been altered in any way. If so, you will need to contact Joomla support to see if there's a way around it.
  2. For me to use the new Pro service for selling my catalog of DVDs online, I'd 100% for sure need a playlist feature similar to this: A tangible…
  3. Hello, btw, thx for reply. Sure, i can, but dont working in joomla :-( and dont know why. joomla does not accept the code, after entering it is left solely to the And that's it. even when using a module for inserting own code, I did not achieve…
  4. Have you tried using an album?
  5. You can create a hubnut widget for one of your albums.
  6. I agree, vimeo needs albums everyone can compile their own playlist through the modules will be able to play in their own web space. is a great pity that I have yet to come across anything like that.