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Telly Award Winner & Experienced TV Producer, Director & Creative Director with proven expertise in commercial, promo, reality and documentary style programming. I have over 15 years of experience with broad knowledge of all aspects of television production, including field shooting, script writing, story editing, directing, casting, editing, post producing, managing multiple Editors as well as Field Producers, AP’s & PA’s. budget management, and scheduling. I have strong creative and management skills. I'm very detail oriented and organized.

Experience in reality, music, fashion, behind the scene segments, red carpet/celebrity events, makeover stories, daytime talk, news & doc style programs.

Producing, Directing, Field Producing, Story Producing, Writing, Interviewing (celebrities, reality, key storytellers), Researching, Acquiring Materials & Releases, Supervising Edits, Music and Clip licensing, Editing experience on FCP & Avid, Supervising 2D & 3D Graphics, Knowledge of After FX & Creative Suite.


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