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With many years of experience in advertising, sales promotion, nurture and digital marketing in various organizations, and after selling my own agency back in 2007 to Makheia Group, I established the Strategic Planning division for Makheia Affinity, a marketing services agency located in Paris.

I consider my clients’ problematics through the prism of the brand vision. This vision consists of an encounter between the nature of the brand and the expectations of the latter. Comforted by the rise of interactive Web, transforming stakeholders into real targets, assumption is clearly intensifying now. E-reputation, web studies, community management are crucial tools for building a strategy that takes the targets’ speeches about brands, corporations, or CEOs into consideration.

Both the context and the issues have changed: the profession and the agencies need to adapt.

Therefore, I’m interested in finding how brands, agencies, strategic planning may accompany or forseen future developments, in order to always be relevant and performant regarding customers’ expectations.

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