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We produce outdoor and climbing movies, adventure and expeditions
series for the best athletes in the vertical world and the major outdoor
companies which sponsor them ; Adidas Outdoor, Black Diamond, La
Sportiva, Beal…

Our media company’s DNA carries the desire to combine outdoor
sports and cinema, while avoiding the clichés about outdoor athletes.
We see surfers, climbers and alpinists as modern humans, in a
constant pursuit for freedom. We show them as capable and strong
willed individuals, role models for their community, and inspirations
for everyone else.

Our practise of these sports/ways of life allow us to identify the
caricatures: the “hero”, accomplishing impossible things from dawn to
dusk, or the “cool crew syndrome”, where a bunch of friends casually
climb an 8000 m peak while cracking jokes.

Our whole approach is dedicated to finding a “middle way”, with brave
women and men trying hard to accomplish great things, in the most
scenic places of our planet.

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