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Dhaka ,Bangladesh

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Sanjoy Chaki is a Broadcast Journalist & Documentary maker . He was a fellow of International Center for Journalist -ICFJ . He works for worldwide Bengali TV channel ..the `Channel I "as a Senior Staff Correspondent. Mainly he is working in Bangladesh but he has been reporting from more 18 different countries of America,Asia, Europe, Africa & Middle East. , Cell +8801711236311
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As a TV journalist he has to cover the power, energy & green, climate change,environment & agriculture related issue. But being a television journalist he has to cover some other assignment too like politics, government and administration, poverty. He also is reporting about climate & tobacco victims and pubic interest issue.

As a Journalist Sanjoy has been reporting from 18 different countries of North & South America, Europe , Asia and Africa . Recently he visited Poland for news coverage about UN Climate change conference Cop 19 at the capital of Poland.. Warsaw. After cop 19 covered he went Germany,Austria, Switzerland,Hungary, Vatican City & Italy for different type of news .
Before Europe he went Japan for International art festival, Qatar for UN Climate change conference COP18 & Sri Lanka for ICFJ training & climate change news. He also went to China for reporting about the BOAO forum for Asia conference, renewable energy growth and heritage issue. He also a lucky journalist who observed United Nation peace keeping mission activities in the number one world poorest country D R Congo and reporting variety issue of D R Congo & other African country Uganda. He went to Malaysia and Thailand for reporting about overseas employment, agriculture growth & tourism issue. He also visited India.
Sanjoy is an award winning reporter about climate change on agriculture sector & live hoods of Bangladeshi people. He is developing a online television and website naming “ NOTV bangla”.

He wrote book as a concern journalist ‘One eleven and the days of abnormal government’ concerning the political instability of Bangladesh during the two years of care-taker government.
He also Editor of Energy Related Online Newspaper. bd Energy News .

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