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Dance and physical theatre

“Hanging in the balance between the extreme smallness of a single image detail, and the extreme wideness of a generally recognizable myth, Sanpapié tells its stories. Sometimes long, sometimes brief.”

Sanpapié dance company was born in 2007 as the natural result of a first theatre-dance project, led inside the Paolo Grassi School of Dramatic Arts, Milan.
Since its birth, the company has been pursuing a research that focuses on three different fields: choreography, drama and music with a well-defined aim: fusing the narrative characteristic typical of the theatrical language with expressive power typical of dance.

From 2008 till now the company has produced and presented 5 full length performances and several short format pieces, and it has toured in Italy, France, Uk, Spain and Germany.
In 2009 Sanpapié has become resident company at Spazio Mil, in Sesto San Giovanni (Milan), a post-industrial space converted into a cultural venue.

In 2011 the company has begun a 2 years project titled “Islands in the net”, funded by EU and lead by Teatro de Lo Inestable (Valencia, Sp) and participated by La Fundicion (Bilbao, Sp) Provisional Danza (Madrid, Sp) projecttheatre (Dresden, De) JGM (Lisboa, Pt) Teatro dell’Acquario (Cosenza, It).
The focus of the project has been the artistical research within contemporary sense of identity in Europe. Thanks to this project Lara Guidetti and Marco Di Stefano, coreographer and dramatist of the company, have joined several workshop around Europe participated by artists from all other partners, and they have started a production project about identity whose result it has been the show titled “I Am Son”, which it had its own debut in Campsirago (It) in July 2012 and then it has been presented in Milan, Cividale del Friuli, Edinburgh, Valencia, Bilbao, Dresden and Cosenza and in the next Autumn in Belfast.

In Febraury 2012 Lara Guidetti has started a new project in collaboration with Francesco Pacelli, main performer of the company and in collaboration with Artes y producciones artisticas, Spanish production company.
Aim of the project was the production of 3 choreographies dedicated to Marta Graham, Pina Bausch and Isadora Duncan.
So Lara has conceived and produced two duets with Francesco, “Traces – a tribute to Marta Graham” and “Eyes closed – a tribute to Pina Bausch”, and one solo, “Blow – a tribute to Isadora Duncan”.
The performances have been presented within the dance gala “Los Virtuosos”, which it has toured in Spain in May and June 2012 for 42 performances.
From then Sanpapié has presented the two duets in Italy.

In year 2013 Sanpapié has been working on four new projects:
- Mi sono perso a Milano the first work of the company in the field of musical theater, a show written and directed by the historical founder and musician of Sanpapié, Marcello Gori. (Debut March 2013 @Luoghi Comuni Festival
- due+due=5 (two+two= five), a project starded with the two duets produced in 2012. The work is composed by 5 pieces, 5 tributes to Isadora Duncan, Mary Wigman, Martha Graham, Pina Bausch e Luciana Melis, who was Lara guidetti’s teacher and mentor. Debut will be on 29th September 2013 in Milan.

In the field of workshop and team training for non professional people, the company has also worked on the topic of violence against women and on the signs left on their bodies and memories. |

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