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SansSouci #1 presents itself as a large size hand-made book, produced in a limited quantity of 100 numbered copies and destined for a selected list of users and institutions working in the field of promotion of art, culture and beauty.
SansSouci opens its doors inspired with the theme 'Bestiary'.
The iconography of 'Bestiary' is born as a fantastical artistic representation of ancestral fears, exorcized with the capacity to give life to the monsters that they represent.SansSouci aims to collect together in its first volume the best art responses to the proposed theme.
A neutral, white container, deliberately aseptic to accord the reader the privilege of gathering intuitive impressions of the ideas engraved on each page. The project is deliberately visual in defiance of literary complexity: if the word is misunderstood, the picture can always be interpreted.
We would be delighted to have the honour and privilege of having you gazing at its pages.
Enjoy the ride

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