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Since 2002, the Santa Cruz Film Festival has celebrated innovative and original filmmaking in and for the Greater Monterey Bay community. Over the years, SCFF has screened over 1,000 independent films and videos including scores of quality, locally-produced works to tens of thousands of enthusiastic and dedicated film lovers, generating nearly $1 million in revenue for Santa Cruz. Whether fact or fiction, commercial or avant garde, live action or animation, the Santa Cruz Film Festival celebrates the diverse art of talented filmmakers. SCFF presents artists who create films and videos in all genres from around the world in one of the most thought-provoking, entertaining, fun-filled, educational regional film festivals in the country. The Festival has been proud to not only showcase new creative talents, but to also provide an interactive experience where filmmakers, musicians, performers, artists and the community can come together to share their art and ideas and to have an enlightening and fun time.

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