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Award-winning multi media journalist Sarah Fretwell works to document the impacts of globalization by focusing on the intersection of the environment, people, and business. Often they are stories of women, children, and other vulnerable populations living with the side effects of "business as usual".

She documents successes and injustices with the belief that if consumers are aware of the bottom line they will create the demand to change it. Sharing personal stories offer individuals a chance at justice, opportunity to document valuable knowledge, insight for solutions, and the human connection necessary to engage the international community.

Sarah has worked and traveled in 57 countries around the world including Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, and Cambodia. Some of her most notable clients included USAID and the United Nations. Her work has been featured by South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive, TEDx, TOMS shoes, Enough Project, Human Rights Watch, American Photo Magazine, American Photo On Campus, Photo District News,, Palm Springs Photo Festival, and universities around the US.

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