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From the fiery sign of the Aries cycle, cries of laughter and joy echo amidst the islands of the Philippines where Sarai Knowledge was given birth. She was born among a long bloodline of musicians and singer/songwriters and started singing since before she could speak words. Fortunate opportunities from the Divine allowed her family to relocate to the United States. It was at the age of four when Sarai arrived in the jazzy streets of New Orleans. Surrounded by creative souls and free spirits, inspiration sparked in her young heart from the collective dreams and hopes of incredible jazz musicians. It was from those years where the root of her love for Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, and many more began.

Following where the economy was booming, Sarai's family relocated to the northeast where she arrived in Massachusetts at the age of nine. The beautiful four seasons inspired the moods of acoustic, funk, classics, and pop. Her father raised her on sounds such as Cat Stevens, The Beatles, The Police, etc. and her mothers constant beautiful singing of inspirations such as Whitney Huston, Diana Ross, Sade, etc. Sarai was fortunate to have such influences. Being nurtured in a predominately religious household, she was raised with a spiritual upbringing although she never accepted everything the way it was and always asked questions. In church she began performing at the early age of nine in choir and plays and even taking organ lessons.

It was at the age of 12 when Sarai became a straight hip hop junkie from the first sound of Me, Myself, and I. With her deep influences from George Clinton, emerged the findings of De La Soul and Tribe Called Quest. It became a ritual where every Tuesday she would be the first one at the local record store awaiting new hip hop albums to release. She became a disciple of their teachings and took in all the positive knowledge from her musical mentors.

Music became her life and pure focus. Expanding her musical gifts, Miss Knowledge bought her first acoustic guitar at 15. Her drive and passion gave her the ability to teach herself to play the guitar, the didgeridoo, piano while writing songs and rhymes, as well as poetry. In high school, she took drama and music class, participated in every talent show and school play, while still actively involved in choir.

Throughout college, Sarai attended The Royal Academy of Performing Arts where she took vocal lessons and always made time to perform at open mics.
After Sarai achieved her bachelors degree, she quickly moved to California. From San Diego to San Francisco, the streets were alive and filled with all creative passions of art and music. She was immediately filled with inspiration and began performing at cafes, and clubs while also volunteering throughout the community. Throughout time she worked with various uplifting programs such as Youth Speaks poetry organization, Hurricane Katrina Relief foundations, Homeless Outreach programs, and working with the Boys and Girls club fundraisers where she was even blessed to work with one her long time role models, The RZA.

While working with many talented musicians and emcees and always seeking knowledge, in 2006 Sarai began to take her music career seriously and started recording at various studios throughout San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York from styles of acoustic, soul, hip hop, reggae, dub, jazz and meditation. She was blessed to have the opportunity to work with and share the stege with the likes of some of her long time respected inspirations such as KRS-One, Slick Rick, Afu-Ra, PF Cuttin, Madlib, Phil the Agony and Jamaica's dancehall king, Delly Ranx.

Influenced by vast arrays of genres and styles and inspired by all the beauty, hope, and struggles of the world; Sarai Knowledge aspires to bring forth an uplifting and positive message to the people to bring unity within all humanity despite indifferences with her gift and passion of music.

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