Satinder Chumber

London. UK.

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Purposefully choosing locations that allude to the hyper-reality of the film set, arousing fear, suspense and expectation, I explore the cinematic clichés that are attached to the filmic locations that are commonly used within the genre of the thriller and horror film. Viewers of these films expect certain narrative developments when encountering such sites, I use these preconceptions to lead the viewer into a prolonged moment of suspense, holding them within its thrall. Allowing them to examine their fear and simultaneous desire for an outcome, for a climax, in order for the horror to dissipate, however, in my video’s there is never any beginning or conclusion, just an endless centre that remains within the parameters of suspense.

Browsing the videos found here you will find extracts from my fine art practice as well as videos stemming from my love for special effects. I have been a special effects artist for over 6 years now, visit my website to look at my colorful portfolio of sculptures and prosthetics.

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