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Sauna International. A commercial company.

Established in August 2010 Sauna is a London based, multinational production company specialized in high-, low-, and medium-end commercial productions.

With subsidiaries in Thailand, Germany, France and soon US, the Sauna International group produces national and international commercial campaigns on a worldwide basis. Sauna has established a reputation in the industry for being & staying innovative throughout its whole operating time, and we are proud to have never been ranked on the international
listing of the Gunn report.

Sauna group has steadily built a long-lasting, dynamic relationship with directors, amongst the best in the world. Our eclectic team of directors is constantly updated with ingenious talent from the world of fine art, music videos and the short and feature film industry. This diversity of directors aims to provide agencies with an exhaustive choice of styles, trends, skills and cultural approaches for their advertising needs.

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