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Born in Naples on September 1975, he soon felt the desire to be focused on one goal: at 14 years of age he began his work experience as A photographers assistant in a studio of his city. His journey of discovery of the world of image and art began to take shape around his 16th birthday when he discovered a passion for painting and particularly for sculpture, which led him to attend the Academy of Fine Arts two years later

In 1995 he was accepted into The European Academy of Special Effects of Terni directed by Carlo Rambaldi, where he took part in a special project of Experimental Center of Cinematography, where he graduated after three years.
At 24 years of age he began working alongside Vittorio Comi (one of the few Italian specialist in creating special effects for films) at Plinko Password as visual effects supervisor: whilst working there for 2 years he follwed the production of fifty commercials for the Italian and foreign market.

In August of 2001 he became Production Manager of the satellite channel Rock TV (SKY 718) and from 2008 also Hip Hop TV (SKY 720).
2006 marked the year where he bacame Direction Teacher at the Digital Film Making course of the SAE INSTITUTE in Milan.

When it comes to his work he is constantly experimenting and streching the boundries the audiovisual world puts in front of him: He has been producing music videos, commercials and videoart works for over ten years. His art has been exhibited in Los Angeles at The Center For Digital Art, the Monkey Town Center in New York, Area 57 Studios in Miami, HDFEST in Seattle and at the National Center for Contemporary Arts in Moscow.

After creating and directing the music video “French Kiss” by (Riaffiora), he won the 2009 Italian Award for best Independent videoclip.
In 2010 these same efforts won him the Best Italian Videoclip from SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers)

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