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Lanugo : The Great Grey Seal . 100 Years, 100 Voices, screens at the Irish Film Institute this December.

Never before have the leading experts in science, conservation, business, law, education and the environment, from Ireland and Scotland, come together in celebration and discussion of the Great Grey Seal, the first species to be protected by wildlife legislation.
This Documentary Film gathers the thoughts and concerns of informed, modern conservationists, driven by their knowledge and experience of a world shared with Grey Seals. Fishermen, scientists, folklorists, wildlife managers, lawyers, educators, eco-tour operators and more, all engage on their shared history and experience of Grey Seals and wildlife as a whole. Never before have such voices joined together to celebrate and discuss the legacy and the future of the Grey Seal. Once informed by them, the audience become part of this conversation as experts offer empowerment to the greater public by outlining how we can all help in the effort to protect and preserve our fragile eco-system.


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