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It's not unusual to find me ankle deep in concoctions of paint, milk, oil, or liquor. One of the strangest was a mixture of strawberry jam, jogurt and white paint (it was surprisingly delicious).

I'm a product specialist who also shoots liquids splashed, poured, thrown, and tossed. My interest in capturing fluids in motion arose out of still life work intent on revealing the hidden vitality of objects at rest. My portfolio is known most for the dynamic liquid work, yet I continue to shoot product stills with a clean, elegant, modern sensibility I have become known for.

I've now added digital cinema to my repertoire. Splashes and pours are shot in ultra slow motion using sophisticated high-speed phantom cameras. Capturing the beauty of liquids moving through space, my film work completes a full product offering for all mediums - from print, to television, to moving billboards, and the web.

My studio offers a complete, integrated service. It encompasses all aspects of production and post-production. I am supported by an in-house team of expert producers, retouchers, and digital technicians. We take care of the entire process of pre-production and post-production, and my retoucher’s presence at every phase of the project ensures a seamless transition from client brief, to photo shoot, to finished product.

I travel extensively to the US and Europe to shoot, and I live in Toronto with my architect wife and two young children.

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