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  1. 02:00

    Holy Cards

    by SchmueyVision

    2 Videos

  2. 30:23

    Neo Surrealism

    by SchmueyVision

    21 Videos

    References and homage to the golden age of Surrealism: Salvador Dali, M. C. Ecsher, and René Magritte

  3. 21:28


    by SchmueyVision

    15 Videos

    Anything near or in a harbor.

  4. 24:11

    Soggy Foggy and otherwise Cloud like.

    by SchmueyVision

    17 Videos

    Water Vapor in various natural states. I hope to add albums on water, earth, and fire as time permits.

  5. 10:37


    by SchmueyVision

    15 Videos

    Contests that lend themselves to Ad spots.

  6. 55:52


    by SchmueyVision

    36 Videos

    Videos that have cinematography and music composed for each other to form a synergistic relationship.

  7. 08:59

    Hanging with the Moon

    by SchmueyVision

    11 Videos

    A place to put my Moon shots.

  8. 18:28


    by SchmueyVision

    18 Videos

    "One Day on Earth" 11.11.11, my seven submissions. UPDATE (2-10-2012): The One Day on Earth community has requested and received my original and raw camera files of the moon for their 11.11.11…

  9. 03:32

    Robots on Ice

    by SchmueyVision

    3 Videos

    Anything to do with robot characters and their adventures.

  10. 31:47


    by SchmueyVision

    17 Videos

    Passenger & Freight, Short & Long, Fast & Slow, all kinds of trains we'll show.

  11. 25:12

    Shooters: One Shot Videos

    by SchmueyVision

    23 Videos

    Videos composed only of one single shot.

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