Düsseldorf, Germany

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SCHNAUZE focuses on human needs and we care about how to reach people.
The task is to turn complex into comprehensible and make it accessible to become desireable.

SCHNAUZE is an idea-shop for advanced strategic, industrial and brand design. Christian Wiciok and Kaya Erdal are SCHNAUZE. While working in several design studios for international clients, we quickly got bored of shying away from forward going concepts. Our work starts with a task, a problem or a question and the passion to find the matching solution by using the tools of a designer.

We are not selling strategic-standard solutions. SCHNAUZE takes a long-term, strategic approach to being sustainable and enhancing brands. We create an added value by developing an unique and custom way of interaction through services, cutting edge product and brand design.
Working for various businesses keeps us agile and ‘hungry for more’ to come up with fresh perspectives on the clients’ brand, product or services. SCHNAUZE seeks to collaborate with lifestyle, sports and technology brands that are open-minded and ready to move their limits.