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Berlin, Germany

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Once as a bad musician HerrSchneider had to take over the job as a manager of the band, finally he ended up as an assistance for marketing in the german music TV called VIVA. Giving up that most stupid job he met a soldering artist/inventor of a drum machine and started to help out studying his ways of business.
In 1999 HerrSchneider started a marketing and distribution company himself to promote such little brands and single inventors of musical instruments. SchneidersBuero became the most prominent boutique business for such in the western world in between known as the online and offline-shop called SchneidersLaden(.de).
Apart from that HerrSchneider is still doing promotion and marketing for electronic music using the uncountable innovative products of smallest companies only as SchneidersBuero here and there.

External Links

  • SchneidersLaden - the online and offline-shop for electronic musical instruments and modular systems
  • Stromkult - The blog for information regarding our friends and business activities ..
  • SchneidersBuero - konstruktive Reklame, Denke und andere Dienstleistungen
  • ALEX4 Distribution - European Fachvertrieb fuer Klassiker der elektronischen Musikinstrumente.
  • Superbooth - trade show, happening and convention for electronics, music and more


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