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  1. How cancer cells move and spread


    from Science News Added 8,121 6 0

    Breast cancer cells (shown in green) individually peel off from the main tumor when they get a "go" signal from a type of growth factor called TGF-beta. Cells can also move in clumps, but…

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    • Saturn's Auroras


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      New video from the Cassini spacecraft orbiting Saturn captures spectral forms of the planet's northern lights for the first time. These curtains of color result when charged particles from the…

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      • How to mix oil and water


        from Science News Added 9,714 6 1

        Scientists in Belgium have uncovered a new way to shake things up. Violent bouncing of a water droplet coated with oil causes the oil layer to move inside and fracture into many oily globs. In a paper…

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        • Strange Attraction


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          In the absence of pheromones, flies engage in unnatural courtship behavior. In this movie, two males attempt copulation with each other's heads. Credit: Jean-Christophe Billeter et al, Nature 2009

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          • Mouthing off


            from Science News Added 4,425 7 2

            A macaque mother bounces her head up and down in front of her infant, followed by exaggerated lip smacking directed at the child. The infant shows signs of distraction before responding to his mother's…

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            • Tin-Carbon bonding in action


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              Triple-bonded tin in solution (green) breaks bonds to pick ethylene (solution turns yellow), violating organic chemistry rules. A slight change in pressure reverses the reaction (back to green). …

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              • Modeling the Influenza Pandemic


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                A model simulates how the 2009 H1N1 virus may spread in the United States if there is no vaccination intervention (top) vs a vaccination effort that covers 70 percent of the population, with no particular…

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                • Dust to dust


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                  A molecule associated with life on Earth originated in space, perhaps in the halo of comet Wild 2 (above) where it was collected. This animation depicts Stardust's turbulent ride through three…

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                  • Save Our Sister


                    from Science News Added 1,870 3 0

                    After several minutes, colony mates are gathering around a Cataglyphis cursor that researchers have tied down with nylon thread. Rescuers drag away bits of sand to uncover the trapped ant's body…

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                    • Planetary Smash-Up


                      from Science News Added 2,765 6 1

                      This artist's concept shows a celestial body about the size of our moon slamming at great speed into a body the size of Mercury. NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope found evidence that a high-speed…

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                      • Small swimmers stir the ocean


                        from Science News Added 1,773 4 0

                        Dyed water gets dragged along with swimming jellyfish before dispersing in their wake. Found in "Churning the Numbers" online at: http://www.sciencenews.org/view/generic/id/45995/title/Churning_the_numbers Credit:…

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                        • Shattering raindrops


                          from Science News Added 4,816 12 0

                          Over the course of 60 milliseconds, a single drop of water shatters to produce a variety of smaller drops. This solitary explosion may account for the different sizes of raindrops that hit the ground. Found…

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