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  1. Bar Fly


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    This fruit fly has been exposed to ethanol vapor, which renders it uncoordinated. Found in "Fruit flies can be alchololics too" online at: http://www.sciencenews.org/view/news/id/50640/title/Fruit_flies_can_be_alcoholics_too Credit:…

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    • Bat attack


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      Two ways to catch a moth appear in clips from lab videos of bats picking moths out of midair. Flying bats can use their tails to scoop a moth out of the air or corral it with a wing. Found in 'Superloud…

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      • Bats Commuting


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        On the evening trip out of the cave, bat bodies show up as fish-like dots flying by a thermal imaging camera as it faces deep into the cave (the roost is visible as a warm, pale blur) and then pans…

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        • Bats Swimming


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          A Brazilian free-tailed bat (Tadarida brasiliensis) can use its wings to swim if it miscalculates and ends up in water. Found in 'Fifty-two things to do with a bat wing' at http://www.sciencenews.org/view/generic/id/39767/title/Fifty-two_things_to_do_with_a_bat_wing Credit:…

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          • Beating Heart


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            Transformed from a sample of human skin, lab-grown heart muscle cells contract spontaneously in a dish (shown). To create the heart cells, Lei Yang at the University of Pittsburgh and colleagues first…

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            • Beating Heart


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              Researchers used a modified technique to create human embryonic stem cells using adult cell nuclei and egg cells. The scientists were then able to turn the immature cells into a variety of tissue…

            • BIG SNORE


              from Science News Added 11.4K 10 1

              A video from the monitoring cameras inside a hibernation-research bear den shows practically no motion, but listen for the few, widely spaced snores the bear takes fewer breaths and has fewer heart…

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              • Bioengineered blood vessels


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                A narrated video briefly explains how replacement blood vessels are created and used. Credit: Video © Science/AAAS

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                • Bird’s Got Rhythm


                  from Science News Added 6,245 3 0

                  Performing for females, a male lyrebird dances to the music he makes. And yes, the bird makes the noises heard in the video. Credit: Current Biology, Dalziell et al.

                • Bose Einstein Condensate Simulation


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                  In a gas that’s cold enough, the wavelets of matter we call atoms become long and shallow, lose their individuality and blend into one. At least, that’s what happens in a state of matter…

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                  • BrainGate Pilot Clinical Trial


                    from Science News Added 627 3 0

                    A paralyzed woman’s thoughts are translated into a robotic arm’s actions by a brain-computer interface system. Credit: Credit: Donoghue et al.;

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                    • Brain Racer


                      from Science News Added 5,117 0 0

                      The NeuroRacer video game challenges drivers to pilot a car on a windy road while looking out for signs. Playing the game boosted older adults’ memory and attention. Credit: The Gazzaley Lab

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