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  1. Gold explosion


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    This animation shows the collision of two neutron stars, which may unleash short gamma-ray bursts. Such collisions also eject material that may be the source of all the universe’s gold. Credit:…

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      A rapidly oscillating magnet causes ferrofluid droplets to coalesce into elongated, dynamic structures. Credit: Courtesy of Science/AAAS



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      A dollop of ferrofluid divides into daughter droplets (and several very small pellets) when exposed to a magnetic field. Credit: Courtesy of Science/AAAS

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      • Farm effect


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        Erika von Mutius discusses her research on the farm effect in this video. Credit: Ludwig Maximilian University

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          By gliding a globule of metal sodium (left) into a droplet of water (right), engineers demonstrate how to safely handle hazardous chemicals using acoustic levitation. Courtesy of Daniele Foresti

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          • Ring around a star


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            Dust and gas surrounding a star form into sharp rings in this simulation, even in the absence of a planet pushing debris out of the way. Credit: W. Lyra/JPL-Caltech/NASA

          • THE NOISY BITS


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            Slowed-down video shows first the male and then the female hawkmoth creating ultrasonic trills at the tips of their abdomens. Males use a pair of claspers that grasp females in mating. To sound off,…

          • LAB-GROWN LIVERS


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            After three days growing in a dish, a mixture of lab-grown liver cells and umbilical cord cells can cluster together into a 3-D rudimentary organ. Credit: Takanori Takebe

          • Love among the right-antennaed


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            Honeybees with only a right antenna recognize and behave cordially toward each other. But bees with only a left antenna go on the attack, even though they are hive-mates. Credit: Courtesy of Giorgio…

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            • Social Smarts


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              In pre-trial training, a ring-tailed lemur learns that a person watching is a competitor for a morsel of food. The animal then chooses to take food from behind a person’s back, rather than from…

            • A Shake of the Head


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              Using a computer algorithm to track barely perceptible head movements, MIT researchers can measure a person’s heart rate from a video of their face. Credit: Guha Balakrishnan, Fredo Durand,…

            • Self Sacrifice


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              As dark male fishing spiders prepare to mate, the male (smaller than the female) rocks the female’s body. When he finally inserts one of his sperm-delivery organs into one of her reproductive…

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