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    A goldfish swims through a glass cloak designed by researchers in China and Singapore. The cloak guides light around objects inside of it, making the fish disappear while the plants in the background…

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    • Bird’s Got Rhythm


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      Performing for females, a male lyrebird dances to the music he makes. And yes, the bird makes the noises heard in the video. Credit: Current Biology, Dalziell et al.

    • Starch stain rinses off panels painted with a polyurethane coating


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      This video shows how easily starch rinses off panels painted with a polyurethane coating — but only if it contains a special “bioactive” enzyme. Credit: Toyota Research Institute…

    • Sweet Tooth—Or Not


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      Cockroaches used to love sugar and would mob both jelly and peanut butter. But some roaches have evolved aversions to glucose and avoid jelly. Courtesy of Ayako Wada-Katsumata

    • Star being shredded by the gravity of a massive black hole


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      This NASA computer simulation shows a star being shredded by the gravity of a massive black hole. NASA; S. Gezari, The Johns Hopkins University; and J. Guillochon, University of California, Santa Cruz

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      • 10807 Black Hole Swallows Star


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        On March 28, 2011, NASA's Swift detected intense X-ray flares thought to be caused by a black hole devouring a star. In one model, illustrated here, a sun-like star on an eccentric orbit plunges…

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          A clever setup of a classroom projector, computer and four single-pixel sensors enabled researchers to render a 3-D image of a mannequin head. Credit: Optics Group, University of Glasgow

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          • Beating Heart


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            Researchers used a modified technique to create human embryonic stem cells using adult cell nuclei and egg cells. The scientists were then able to turn the immature cells into a variety of tissue…

          • BAD DATE


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            A male Micaria sociabilis encounters a female but instead of mating, kills her. July, when this was filmed, seems an especially perilous time for spider meetings. Courtesy of Lenka Sentenská

          • Ice on the Move


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            An iceberg calves off Greenland’s Jakobshavn Glacier on May 10, 2008. In this time-lapse video, photos were taken every 10 seconds for an hour. Credit: Jason Amundson, Martin Truffer and Mark…

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            • Tongue Tricks


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              Hairlike bristles on the tip of a nectar-feeding bat’s tongue help scoop up nectar. In this slo-mo video, a bat slurps up sugar water from an acrylic feeder. Credit: courtesy of Cally Harper

            • Cracks predict projectile speed


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              Pellets burrow through millimeter-thick Plexiglas plates. Shown is an 80-kilometer-per-hour pellet that creates four cracks, followed by a 204-kph projectile that makes eight. Credit: N. Vandenberghe/Aix-Marseille…

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