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Dedicated to fostering independent artistic expression, Scion Installation L.A. is a space that allows artists to explore their creative visions. The Scion Space hosts art shows and art-related events for cutting-edge contemporary artists from across the globe.

Previous exhibits include: NOVA Artscapes curated by ®ROJO, It Was On Earth That I Knew Joy curated by Sixpack France, Flux Super 8 curated by Flux, This Must Be The Place curated by Faesthetic, Special Relationship curated by Scrawl Collective, Love Will Bring Us Apart Again curated by Apart.

For more information on our past, current and upcoming exhibitions please visit:

Scion’s illustrious national art tour, Installation, returns for its 7th year. Installation 7 launched in February at Scion’s own 4,200 square foot Installation L.A. gallery space in Culver City. The tour makes stops on Brooklyn, Wichita, Minneapolis, and Austin.

Focusing on video challenges artists to delve into this rich but largely undiscovered medium. The featured artists are: Cheryl Dunn, David Choe, Cody Hudson & Jared Eberhardt, Franki Chan, Gluekit, Mackie Osborne, Matt Goldman, Souther Salazar, SSUR© and The London Police.

For more information on the tour, the artists, the artwork and details from past tours please visit:

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