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"We listen to music with our muscles" Nietzsche once said. Music is emotive. Music makes us feel. We listen not just with our ears but with our body. At ScoreAudio we have a real passion for music. We live and breathe it. Music gets us out of our beds in the morning and keeps us up into the early hours. We're excited by the possibilities of all things audio; from 30 second commercials to film scores to bespoke commissioned arrangements - we know how to make the audience 'feel'.

Score-Audio is the home for composer Seb Jaeger. Score-Audio's remit is to compose, record & produce music for the creative industries, taking advantage of the very best in music technology and analog instruments to excel in the delivery of high end audio.

Seb's musical life began at the music school of Bonn, Germany where under the tutelage of several distinguished teachers, including Markus Krebel, he was trained in classical theory and piano. He continued his education in Cambridge under the late Peter Pettinger (Nigel Kennedy's long-time accompanist). He was awarded a Licentiate from the Royal Schools of Music in 2002 and 2003. As a performer he has enjoyed a varied background: as a classical pianist and accompanist (including appearances at the international harp festival & Edinburgh Fringe festival), jazz session musician, as a keyboarder in a rock band (signed to New York label Rainbow Quartz in 1999) and as a percussionist in a Latin Band. His musical training in addition to piano has included woodwind, double bass and percussion.

His sequencing life started in the late 80s on software for the Amiga500 series of PCs before moving onto the industry standard ProTools and Logic systems. As a composer he brings his broad experience in styles and genres to the fore, using his innate understanding of musical form, harmony, instrumentation and rhythm, to effortlessly tell a story with music and sound that is convincing in detail and execution.

ScoreAudio // fluent in sound

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