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Well it’s true to say these are some holiday slides taken at a few places where I spent a little time – which won't be of interest to you unless you’re as inspired to go to these places as I was to have been.

So my aim is to try and capture the sense of place as I found it, not as a record of what was seen but to share the experience felt. And for me a still image lets the moment linger more profoundly, all the more so when steeped in sound.

Of course tastes differ but I’d like to think that the things we learn to love and appreciate in life, each other and the world around us are pretty universal, some of which I’ve tried to conjure up here.

Shows are all HD and best seen that way, although they must flow continuously (i.e. without stuttering) or it’s impossible to build and keep any mood.


  1. Guillem
  2. PIX IN MOTION by Leo Bar
  3. John Lauwers